Shiweizhe Scientific Manuscript Editing

Who We Are Scientific Manuscript Editing provides personalized editing services to geology and environmental scientists. We specialize in editing English language manuscripts by scientists whose first language is Chinese. Our senior editor is trained in the physical and social sciences. Since 2012 we have edited over one hundred scientific papers.

What we do

We edit your manuscript with these goals in mind: clarity of scientific ideas and findings, grammatically and idiomatically correct English. As English language editors, we work directly with you to ensure your scientific ideas and findings are clearly articulated for journal editors and the broad international scientific community.

This process will dynamically improve your ability to have your work accepted and published by prestigious  English language journals.

How we do it

We carefully compare your Abstract with the Introduction, Observations, Methodology, Literature Review, Analysis, Findings, Results and Conclusions. Our process is designed to ensure your manuscript is internally cohesive, consistent, and presented in grammatically correct English. We identify non-sequiturs, repetitious language, and stereotyped expression. We tighten the text, make it more readable, and easily understood by your target audience. We check spelling using an unabridged American dictionary and expressions using a classical synonym finder. We do not review mathematical considerations nor do we review the science of your manuscript.


We quote a price based on the length of your paper and its complexity. Our rates are competitive with international companies.

We welcome your submission to QQ: 3241141680